Health Disparities In The United States

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I agreed Health disparities could be preventable if we educate the community about the resources and programs available to them. The affordable Care act offers Preventive medicine care such as cancer screening test, nutritional education, immunizations and tobacco screening among others. Preventive care are programs focus in the prevention and detection of illness at an early stage, when the treatment has a better outcome, however, the best way to maintain and prevent illness is by making healthy lifestyle choices. CDC report that millions of children, adolescent and infants in United States do not receive preventive care which lack them from achieving their full potential as individuals, some of the preventive care that children should receive are regular’s physical checkups, vaccinations, screening for depression, blood pressure checked, hearing, Flu vaccine and HIV test among
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Most individuals use providers when they feel sick or in a case of an emergency or when it is too late to receive an opportune treatment. Indeed, if individuals use the resources available to them, I am sure the morbidity and mortality of the country will decrease enormously. According to the CDC if everyone receives preventive care could be healthier throughout their life and approximately 100,000 live could be saved each year. The new Healthcare reform offer free preventive without a copay, deductible or coinsurance but unfortunately many insured ignored these programs and do not take advantage of this opportunities. Preventive Care make part of the essential benefits in the new healthcare reform or Affordable Care Act and offer many health services available to the
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