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Health Education Intervention Multiple approach to community health (MATCH) model, which was introduced by Simons-Morton, Greene and Gottlieb in the late 1980s, is considered to be very comprehensive and extensive for practical analysis. The model is not very popular among many scholars thus making it not much available in many texts. However, the paper is concerned about the reasons that make it the most preferred method of public health education intervention in the case of substance abuse (Simons-Morton, Greene & Gottlieb, 1995, p. 49). The MATCH model is applicable to education on substance abuse since behavioral, environmental risk and the protective factors for disease or injury are known and the general priorities of the…show more content…
83). In addition, it identifies health behavior by focusing on the prevalence and how changeable the model is in the training of the population. It further identifies the environmental goals and regulations that are related to substance abuse (Larsen & Merlo, 2005, p. 83). The second phase of this model is concerned about intervention planning. To begin with, it is helpful since it involves the target group that should be involved in the education program at community level. It helps in the selection of intervention objectives and further identifies the mediators of the objectives together with using theories to select the interventions. One of the objectives could be targeting how to stop substance abuse (Simons-Morton, Greene & Gottlieb, 1995, p. 49). The model also increases the applicability of the program since it is concerned with program development. This phase looks into creating program units, channels and the objectives of educating the population on substance abuse. Another importance of this model is the strong association between learning materials and methods used in the education program. It is also important that the program creates new materials that are developed after pilot testing of the impact created in the community after substance abuse education (Simons-Morton, Greene & Gottlieb, 1995, p. 49). The fourth phase is important since it is concerned about implementation preparation. It is concerned with
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