Health Education: The Consequences of Unprotected Sexual Activity

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Individuals often are uninformed of the effect that can come from unprotected sexual activity, many feel that information on this is penetrated into their mind to cause them to fear the image and thoughts that are associated because of their impurity. This topic should be discussed with a professional so that society is informed with the consequences of casual encounters, health educators are there to help promote safe sex,they also contribute with detecting and giving information to others on the various ways of abuse. Teenagers in this era have a different way of thinking that differs from previous generations they are now well informed of the effects of having unsafe sex, they are now more in the loop of all the thing that can happen from pregnancy, to aids and herpes.This paper will tell of a career as a Health Educator, and the variety of information they contribute to society, especially the youth of today. This will also further examine the variety of schools and programs that can help in molding of a successful Health Educator.

A Health Educator has numerous amount of roles in the community, they help create programs to educate others on the correct ways to avoid unwanted disease that come from sexual activities. They help other who have been effected with such illnesses on how to stabilize themselves, and how they can still integrate themselves into an ordinary life in society and how they properly have intercourse without harming the other person. They help a…