Health Education : The Importance Of Health And Health

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From the time I started middle school, I have had a health and wellness education class each year throughout school. My first health class started in seventh grade and that is around the time I started to learn about the importance of health and wellness. As a kid, my diet was not what I would consider healthy. There were few fruits and vegetables outside of school lunches. I played three sports all of my life so I was an active person getting the important benefits of exercise. However, fast food was often a quick solution to eating after sport practice. Once I started to learn about healthy options in health class I was able to make conscious decisions on eating healthy. Health and physical education classes in high school started to explain why nutrition and exercise were important. Furthermore, I attended a private school that offered religion classes and I attended church weekly. Both of these influenced my spiritual wellness positively. After high school, I decided I wanted to study kinesiology and health promotion in college to learn more. After several years of learning about health and wellness in different aspects, I have come to believe that health and wellness can identify who a person is and what they value in their lives. For example, I exercise daily because it is one of the few beneficial practices that can improve nearly all aspects of health without requiring additional costs. This led me toward a career path that will incorporate one of my beloved values,
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