Health Effects Of Air And Water Pollutants

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Health effects of air and water pollutants are major environmental issues that need to be better understood and controlled in the United States and globally. “Pollution can occur from natural causes or from human activities” (Air and Water Pollution, 2015, p. 1). This issue is so important for many reasons, but for this discussion, it is being identified to give a voice to the urgency for the world to pay attention to how our environment is falling into a catastrophic level of decline because of these types of pollutants. In order to overcome the pollutants, there needs to be a call to action on this matter. We need to bring these things into check which means their levels are in need of being lowered.
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The evolution of this problem has to be kept it perspective that the societal concern that is being faced is not a recent occurrence. “Concern about pollution has been around since the mid-1800. The development of industrialization brought the burning of coal, the concentration of factories, and human crowding in urban areas” (Gould & Lewis, 2015, p. 267). However, the belief is that setting specific constraints on pollutant emissions will allow the society to keep pollution under strict control. Of course this is a theory that sounds attractive, but there are other approaches out there that are being put forth. It has not been an easy issue to solve. Air pollution is everywhere, whether it is in a crowded environment, behind a running car, or in a smoggy city. We need to conserve energy by reducing the air pollution made by power plants, which will make the air cleaner. Along with air pollution, water pollution is the other danger that is lurking. In the world, the prevailing figure is that approximately five million people, or even higher, die every year from drinking polluted water. The cause is contamination from sewerage, toxic chemicals, as well as, metals, and oils being dumped into streams and water ways. These contaminants can affect bodies of water and ground water as well. In some parts of the world, water carrying human waste can flow into drinking water,
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