Health Employer Data And Information Set

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HEDIS Health Employer Data and Information Set (HEDIS) is a data collecting instrument that the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) uses to compare healthcare services on a side by side evaluation. HEDIS is also a nonprofit organizations that care about patient safety and accreditation. HEDIS is an accreditation program that was initiated in 1991 as a centralized database for employers to assess the quality of insurance and healthcare providers nationwide. HEDIS forth strict regulations and benchmarks that must be met and sustained in order to be HEDIS accredited. The information collected by HEDIS is extremely detailed thus allowing a more accurate comparative for each health plan offered by health care facilities, organizations, and even insurers ("NCQA," 2015). The purpose of this cross post is to summarize the original threaded discussion by Marchefka, Mbura, and Poczontek and add additional information on HEDIS. As mention in the original threaded discussion by Marchefka, Mbura, and Poczontek, the purpose of HEDIS is a set of tools that are used by purchasers and consumers to evaluate the quality of various health plans. In addition to the threaded discussion, organization employer, advisors, and buyers also use HEDIS data, along with healthcare accreditation, to assist them in selecting the best health plan for employee’s coverage. NCQA has developed a process that uses certified and licensed auditors that meticulously examine all findings and data
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