Health Equity. Health Care Is One Of The Most Pressing

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Health Equity Health care is one of the most pressing issues in the media and on people’s minds in today’s society. There is much disagreement on how to solve the problems within the healthcare system, but everyone agrees that there are problems. The significant numbers of Americans who do not have insurance drove the Obama administration to make health care reform one of its top priorities. The rising costs of health care and abuses of the system have motivated the Trump administration to try and repeal or reform Obamacare. One of the biggest issues in health care is what is called health care disparities, which involve unequal access to quality health care for people based on things such as cultural, linguistic, or economic factors. As a…show more content…
However, in order to better understand and advocate for health equity, I must go out of my comfort zone and immerse myself in places that I am not used to, so that I can see firsthand if and what disparities exist. I can do this through serving in lower-income areas where these needs are common. When it comes to addressing any issues I might come in contact with, my Christian worldview is helping in allowing me to be patient and kind towards everyone, even people who might be the ones treating someone less equitably. Instead of marching right in and demanding change, I will create relationships with the people there so I can foster their trust in me, and when the time comes I can gently bring up changes that are greatly needed to address health equity or social justice issues in that community. Two strengths and two weaknesses of the current health care delivery system: The American healthcare system has made significant improvements over the years, and we can be proud of much that has been accomplished. Our system is extremely innovative and the U.S. is one of the leading countries for clinical research. Some of the best and highest quality services, equipment, and treatments in the world are available through our healthcare system. This results from our high standards in scientific research. As a result, people come from all around the world to have access to this high level of care.
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