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BOUTIQUE GYMS (FITNESS STUDIO’S) A NEW TREND TO HEALTH AND FITNESS …. What use to be an environment with one simple concept to improve fitness and health has evolved to a fitness vibe. For starters, nutrition is the key to reaching and maintaining your individual weight loss and fitness goals. What once required a proper diet has now evolved into “nourishing “your body in order for it to function properly and to its upmost potential. In doing so, millions of Americans are making their way to the versa climber. A machine reincarnated from the 80’s for the heart pounding climbing classes. Speaking of what’s old is new again there’s the treadmill for running and to jumpstart the heart even more is a mini trampoline.…show more content…
If you are incorporating any of the aforementioned exercise regiments into your daily routine and are interested in tech toys. You will probably have purchased the latest tech gadget which uses the science of Telemetry (data tracking). These trendy gadgets will track your daily activity, heart rate monitors which sync up with your personalized apps. Online workouts, web based fitness, short workouts (1 hour or less) and fitness for kids just to name a few are other alternatives to the traditional gym workout. However, statistics show of 54 million, online streaming and sweating has increased up to 60% and apps 87% faster. That’s to say, boutique fitness is the fastest growing and hardest workout there is in recent years. What once was dominated by big-box gyms, the boutique trend is rapidly gaining class by itself. Personalized fitness is the way to go. According to a 2014 Health Club Consumer Report personalized fitness studios, or “boutique gyms” had profits of Twenty One billion dollars and captured twenty-one percent of the market. Fitness routines and exercises in these boutique gyms personalize fitness programs targeted towards the individuals. Workouts include the aforementioned exercise trends but can also include workouts with medicine balls, pilates and trampoline bouncing. With
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