Health Halo Effect

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The article The Fair Trade Effect: Health Halos From Social Ethics by Jonathon P. Schuldt, Dominique Muller, and Norbert Schwarz claims that there is something called the halo effect, which is when someone or something has a good first impression and further evaluations are seen as good on unrelated topics. This effect also applies to food and is called the health halo effect. Examples of this are when companies put labels on foods like low fat or healthy, this leads to people thinking that the food product has fewer calories, estimating less calories, and leads to people ordering higher calorie foods. There is also discussion about whether ethical food claims like fair trade, organic, and locally produced might influence peoples perception…show more content…
The first point in the article is that if there is the word organic or fair trade on the product it affects how healthy a person perceives the product to be. I agree with this point because I am one of those people, I am more likely to buy a product if it has organic or fair trade on the label because I assume it is healthier. When I see this on the label I think low fat or low calories. However, there are other factors that can influence the likely hood of a person choosing a product and thinking it is healthy, like emoticons. A person is more likely to avoid a product if there is a unhappy face emoticon on the label(Vasiljevic et al. 7). The second point is that people are more likely to think a product has higher calories or lower calories depending on whether a company treats its employees fairly or not. To me this point depends on how informed the person is about products and companies. Many people are not really informed about how companies treat their employees, especially when companies only allow the public to see what they want us to see. The study was only conducted on people who had strong ethical food values but what about people who do not have strong ethical food values. That is why labels are so important it determines if a person perceives the product as unhealthy or healthy, but as discussed in class even food labels can be
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