Health, Illness And Wellness

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The following essay briefly discussed about the concept of health, illness and wellness and my own personal ideologies about health, family beliefs and cultural health concepts which could affect the health and wellbeing. My visual presentation represents, mammography for Visualization for breast cancer, yoga meditation, hand washing, home remedies and nutritious diet. How they impact and influence me in supporting my health and health needs of my family. I also discuss the influence of these conceptions on my personal life and how all these apply to my future profession as a nurse. Figure1.Branson, B. (1989).Mammography.jpg. Retrieved from Hereditary diseases also plays a vital role in individual’s health and wellbeing. For instance; breast cancer, heart diseases and diabetes mellitus. Our body is made up of cells and the cells division of these cells produce new cells to replace dead cells. Breast cancer occurs when breast cells split and entering the surrounding tissue without control occasionally. The transformed cell preserve on making extra abnormal cells in huge numbers, which in turn repeat Group of these abnormal cells form a growth called a tumour. Tumours could be benign and cancerous tumours (e.g. Breast cancer). Benign tumours are not dangerous for life and these could be removed by surgery. Tumour can grow in different parts of the breast.

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