Health Implications Of An Individual Under Metabolic Stress

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1) Introduction

1.1) Aims and objectives of this research
This report will focus on the health implications present for an individual under metabolic stress. The type of metabolic stress that will be the focus of this report is the metabolic disease of hypertension and cardio-vascular disease. Key areas that will be focused on throughout this report include, the study of an individual’s dietary intake and the body’s reserves of macro and micro nutrients, which will be related to possible health implications for this individual due to metabolic stress. Furthermore this study will then go on to discuss possible preventions/management of this nutritional disease, with the focus on biochemical process of nutrient metabolism as a source of
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1.3) Metabolic disease of hypertension and cardio-vascular disease
Metabolic syndrome’ is defined as a cluster of metabolic conditions that can lead to heart disease. There are many key features of metabolic syndrome, these include; hypertension (high blood pressure), insulin resistance, increased risk for clotting and abnormal cholesterol levels. It is also often the case that people who are diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, are overweight or obese (World Health Organization, 2003).
Insulin resistance is a key feature of metabolic syndrome, which is a physiological condition where the cells in the body fail to respond to the normal action of the hormone insulin (Yoshida, 2008). Furthermore linking to this, abdominal obesity is often thought to demonstrate a relationship with insulin resistance and hypertension. Further to this, all these conditions discussed are all associated with cardiovascular risk. This demonstrates how many conditions can be branched off from just metabolic syndrome, therefore it is important to first consider whether the different indicators/evidence of metabolic syndrome share underlying causes that can represent ‘casual targets’ for therapy/treatment, or if these just represent a cluster of ‘risk factors’ that need to be treated/dealt with one by one, on an individual basis (Hjemdahl, 2002).

1.4) Effects of metabolic stress on the body’s reserves of micro and macro nutrients
1.4.1) Macro nutrients
Even if there is a
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