Health Inclusion Issues Affecting People with a Learning Disability

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In this essay I will discuss the health inclusion issues affecting people with a learning disability with regards to healthy eating and diet. The Department of Health in England (DH 2001) defined learning disability as: a significantly reduced capability in understanding new or information of greater complexity, to learn new skills as well as a reduced ability to get by independently. The beginning of a learning disability is believed to be cause by event taken place before adulthood, having a lasting effect on the person’s development. People with learning disabilities are 2.5 times more likely to have health problems than other people without a learning disability (Disability Rights Commission 2006). Despite the knowledge of this, recent reports have highlighted that there is evidence that people with learning disabilities have higher levels of unmet health needs and also receive less or no effective treatment, even though the legislation that explicitly sets out a legal framework for effective delivery of equal treatment and health inclusion for all (Disability Rights Commission 2006 and 2007) Inclusion is the opposite of exclusion it means to be fully included, and with regards to health, to receive equal and fair access to all health services irrespective of a person’s race, sex, and disability, medical or other need, cultural background, age, belief and sexual orientation. It is about providing equal opportunities and breaking down any barriers and getting rid of
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