Health Inequalities And Universal Health Care

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Dawit Zena
Soc 125
Professor Uros Petrovic
02 Dec, 2014
Health Inequalities in US and Universal Health Care as a Solution
Health inequality is one of the social inequalities that may cost the lives of people unless backed by corrective policies. Universal health care is one of those tools by which we correct disparities in health care utilization and insure the health of the fellow citizens. World health Organization (WHO) defined Universal health care, also universal health coverage as “a specific type of health care coverage of all people regardless of their income, age, race pre-existing illness, gender or wealth”. In other terms, it is ensuring health care utilization of all legal residents (World Health Organization, 2013).
I am a premed student at the University of Kansas and it has always been my passion to care about ill people, especially to those people who cannot afford their own treatment or cannot afford to have a health insurance. I love contributing to the team effort in bringing out the best of myself and my teammates for fulfilling equality in the healthcare provision. This high interest of me to resolve the healthcare inequality problems that is seen explicitly in the US health care system inspired me to choose this specific topic. One potential bias that may affect the paper could be the fact that I am one of those people who doesn’t have insurance and think that the health care insurance system in the United States is just another way of ripping the poor
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