Health Inequality Essay

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The quality of living is not the same for everyone and therefore this often creates inequality in many individual’s health outcomes. The Public Health Agency of Canada states that the health inequalities an individual face due to their “health status, can be a result of genetics, choices an individual has made or by chance” (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2008). However, they also state that often these inequalities occur because of the unequal access to non-medical reasons such as income, and employment and social support. (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2008). The connection between health inequality, experienced through health status factors such as income, education, living environment is very evident through expenditure trends. Individuals who have higher income are more capable of purchasing health services and goods, while individuals and families with lower income are incapable and therefore choose to compromise their health and receive poor health care. Individuals with low incomes, often lack resources and the appropriate access to adequate healthy and safe living conditions and this often leads to bad health outcomes (Commission of Social Determinants, 2008). On the Commission Social Determinants of Health report, it states that when individuals have higher and more exposure to stress, as well a poor social support and aid from community health and lack of resources are more likely to continue to have poor health (Commission of Social Determinants of Health,
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