Health Information Security Research Papers

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Abstract The advancement of modern technology and the fast pace progress of Electronic Health Records (EHR); is allowing medical information to become more susceptible to fraud. Therefore the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, also known as HIPAA, was enforced in order to help with the following: simplify administration of health insurance, improve long-term health care, promote medical savings accounts, and combat waste, fraud, abuse within the health insurance and health care delivery. HIPAA policies hold standards that regulate and enforces privacy and securities act as a way to help ensure that protected health information (PHI) confidential. The purpose of the following information is to inform about how data security…show more content…
There are many techniques and methods that facilitate privacy policy to ensure the security of patient data. Many of those methods are executed due to the adoption of Federal privacy which protects individually identifiable health information, also known as the Privacy Rule. There are many methods to ensure the confidentiality of treatment and of sharing information; those methods are consent, authorization, government agency, and minimum necessary. Under the HIPAA law having a consent is necessary in order to proceed with procedures, treatments, billing, and even acknowledgement of receiving or sending information to a third party. Consent is an important data security method because it allows individuals to have the right to request restrictions on how a covered entity will be use and disclose. It protects health information in regards to treatment, payment, and healthcare operations. Although consent does require a consensual acknowledgement of service that will be provided; it does differ from another data security method known as authorization. An authorization is a method used to allow access to use or disclosure of health information; by doing so, an authorization does require patient permission to disclose…show more content…
The purpose of the security rule is to withhold the integrity of EPHI when using electronic health records. The security rule is also known as e-security; since it is strictly dealing with protecting the privacy of electronic records only. E-security can be best described as the protection of computer data, communications, signals, and networks. It is very important since the majority of medical records are now accessible online. E-security is one way of protecting the legal rights and confidentiality of
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