Health Information Systems Implementation And The Impact On Patient Outcomes

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Cover Page Health information systems implementation and the impact on patient outcomes Morgan Kosterlitz Abstract (200-500 words) The purpose of this paper is to analyze the efficacy of information management systems and the impact of these systems on patient outcomes and quality of care. A literature review was conducted from peer-reviewed journal publications from the last eight years (2007-2015). The results were inconclusive to show that electronic health records (EHR) have a definitive impact on patient outcomes. Some studies found a positive impact but the majority did not show a difference, neither positive nor negative, on the influence of patient outcomes or quality of care. As EHR systems continue to develop and the implementation of meaningful use guidelines, as defined by The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) (2010), is in place, the research shows that there will likely be a strong impact on patient outcomes. While the findings of this paper neither support nor refute improvement in patient outcomes, it can be predicted that the continued growth of health information systems will lead to improved patient outcomes through the ability to alert providers and facilitate proper medication prescriptions and administration in addition to other EHR features. The use of EHRs allows for reports to be easily pulled from data relating to patient care, which can guide providers to ensure best practices are being followed. While the implementation of EHRs
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