Health Information Systems : Job Redesign Essay

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Elizabeth Layman wrote a case study on the topic of HIS (Health Information Systems) job redesign. The study urged managers to evaluate and redesign, if needed, the jobs of health care professionals. Layman points out that these jobs have gradually changed over time. Extra tasks have been added on to the duties of current employees and many are now over-worked. For example, the conversion of paper to electronic health records created 29 new roles for employees (Layman, 2011). Not surprisingly, excessive workloads are having a negative impact on HIS Departments. Therefore, job design should be assessed in terms of sector changes, organizational changes, and employee perceptions. Also, the nature, pace, and type of tasks should also be examined. When current job designs are found flawed and causing problems, Layman offers possible job redesigning solutions, along with a step-by-step procedure(Layman, 2011)..
Below, find the following answers to specific questions regarding this case study in terms of goal-setting and job enrichment.
• How are the principles of goal setting applied in this case?
Layman’s HIS case study article did not explicitly discuss goal-setting. However, thoughtful goal-setting is a well-advised practice for many jobs as it has been shown to increase motivation and performance (Carpenter and Erdogan, 2009). There are four major reasons why goals motivate employees to perform better. The first reason is that goals give direction
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