Health Information Technology

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Introduction: Office of National coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) has funded this program to find breakthrough innovations in the field of Health Information Technology (IT). This research program was awarded $60 million and this program is divided into four focus areas. This program brings together researchers, healthcare providers, and other health IT sector stakeholders in order to transform the research products into practice. This program is designed to improve quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare using advanced information technology. According to “current adoption rates of health IT in different states we see that some states are better than others” [1], hence this program is designed to find the factors that are hindering the adoption of health IT and the products developed using this project should help propagate the growth of health IT. This program has both short-term and long-term related goals hence they focus both on current and future needs of health IT products. I have selected this program because it is important to understand the factors that are effecting healthcare practices health IT adoption and work towards analyzing and finding solutions to those problems, so that there is a 100% rate of adoption and data flow is seamless between the healthcare practices. This program helps keep the maintenance cost of the products developed to minimal as it focuses both short and long term needs. There are 4 focus areas to
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