Health Information Technology From The Length Of Time That It Has Been Operational And Familiarity With Its Use

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Many health information technology (health IT) products are not designed for their intended users and are inefficient and even dangerous. Federal agencies are responding to this challenge by developing regulations and reports to guide improved usability. Therefore, clinicians and informatics nurse specialists (INS) require a suite of skills to understand concepts about the user experience and to conduct usability tests. Reducing medication errors have been a major focus of computerized physician order entry (CPOE) implementation. Thus, systems that support clinical decision making and provide early warnings of changes in patient status can be used to avert medical errors. Rojas and Seckman (2014) suggested that the INS can apply…show more content…
Transcription errors such as a misplaced decimal point and illegible handwriting were major causes of error. Incomplete orders were a problem that caused additional steps in the nursing workflow. The implementation of software systems, like CPOE, helps to eradicate these problems. According to Yui et al., (2012), CPOE is a component of the larger electronic health record (EHR) system which enables practitioners to enter orders directly into a computer then transmits orders to the order management system for processing. CPOE is designed to allow clinicians to enter a variety of orders, such as medications, dietary services, consults, admission and discharge orders, nursing orders, lab requisitions, and other diagnostic tests, via computer. The idea behind CPOE was for prescribers, such as physicians, dentists, osteopathic doctors, anesthesiologists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, to enter orders directly into the computer. During the ordering process, alerts, such as drug allergy warnings, and other decision support rules should be available to assist health care providers. Once an order is entered, the CPOE system interfaces or integrated with other EHR components, such as a laboratory or pharmacy system, to process the order. In fact, the term “order entry” can be misleading, as CPOE is truly an order management system that allows orders to be
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