Health Information Technology ( Hit )

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Health Information Technology (HIT) is associated with development, design, application, and maintenance of the information systems in the health care industry. HIT offers a variety of health care information tools and their purpose is to reduce human errors while improving the quality and efficiency in order to provide the best customer service possible. HIT professional’s focus their attention on the technical side of controlling the health information, and with the help by having information technology background, they utilize software and hardware and make sure the information is stored safely and securely for those who needs them. Health Information Management (HIM) is the process of getting, assessing, and preserving both traditional and digital information in order to offer an improved patient care service. HIM professionals must be highly trained and are proficient with the information management systems and they must have the ability to understand the workflow of all types of different health care providers. They are very important to the process of management of daily operations and Electronic Health Records. Health Information Technology must ensure the privacy and quality of the data it stores, and will be responsible for any intrusion or mishaps resulting in data leaks and breach of personal information. HIT improves the health care sector by enhancing the data quality and minimizing medical errors in order to deliver a patient centered health care service.…
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