Health Information Technology ( Hit )

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Health Information Technology (HIT) is associated with development, design, application, and maintenance of the information systems in the health care industry. HIT offers a variety of health care information tools and their purpose is to reduce human errors while improving the quality and efficiency in order to provide the best customer service possible. HIT professional’s focus their attention on the technical side of controlling the health information, and with the help by having information technology background, they utilize software and hardware and make sure the information is stored safely and securely for those who needs them. Health Information Management (HIM) is the process of getting, assessing, and preserving both…show more content…
HIT is also responsible for the development of structures for the public to input their health details in a quick and easy-to-use manner to avoid possible human mistakes. Developing and maintaining the health care information infrastructure, which are the web connecting institutions so they can share data and information securely is also a core function of HIT. Also with the help of technology, it is now possible to detect health problems at earlier stages due to availability of key data, which allows important analysis to be completed accurately. Health Information Management key practices include the process of data governance, which is the foundation of information management strategies. Data governance is essentially the decision making process from a team of professionals around technology training, education, auditing, and compliance, in order to most effectively benefit the health care industry. Then comes data standardization, which is a crucial component in information stewardship that impacts the utilization of information for quality and projects related to patient wellbeing. It is the development of a set of clear definitions to eliminate room for interpretation, which will guarantee the information being used, is accurate and reliable. Just as importantly is validation and maintenance of data, which will help enforce the integrity and
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