Health Information Technology ( Hit ) Is A Growing Part Of The Healthcare Industry

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Introduction Health Information Technology (HIT) is a growing part of the healthcare industry. It contains many different applications designed to benefit the patient and healthcare organizations. Facilities and practices throughout the country continue to grow and develop their Health Information Technology departments and usage. At HSHS-EWD we utilize several HIT applications. Two of the main applications that are utilized in the daily work load of the revenue department are EPIC Ambulatory Electronic Health Record and Passport. The Utilization and Implementation of these two applications have been very beneficial to the organization and increased patient care, revenue received, and patient satisfaction.
Passport is a product of Experian that can be purchased and allows hospitals, facilities, and healthcare providers to check patient eligibility, access authorizations that insurance companies have on file for patients, and verify insurance payment and claim submittal information. Our facility implemented the use of Passport four years ago and continues to add various upgrades and services available as the need arises. Passport has cost our division over one million dollars to implement. The implementation of Passport was very smooth and we had little to no glitches. The biggest problem, according to Connie Dorn, manager of central scheduling and prior authorization was familiarizing the staff and raising their confidence levels so they felt comfortable in…
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