Health Insurance : An Institutionalized Right Rather Than A Personal Choice Essay

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Introduction In the United States, few topics are as largely disputed with such fervor as the discussion of a healthcare mandate. The decision to require health insurance by all Americans has led to a split between those who support health care as a required right, and those who do not. Those who support the health insurance requirement believe it will lead to an increased population coverage and better benefits; those who do not, believe these changes give the government too much influence on the healthcare system and that the quality of current healthcare will be diminished. Within these groups, individual differences, such as age, have an impact on their individual beliefs and who they support. My position is that health insurance should be considered an institutionalized right rather than a personal choice. As with all healthcare systems, there are tradeoffs being made which have both positive and negative impacts on the population: one can only hope that through time and trial that new and better systems will be developed and ultimately implemented. Arguments Supporting Health Care as a Right By requiring all Americans to pay health insurance, it increases the number of legal American citizens who receive coverage. Prior to the Affordable Care Act, 17% of adults were estimated to be uninsured (Borrell & Los Angeles Times, 2010). The United States was one of three countries in the OECD in 2014 that did not have a type of universal health care (ProCon, 2016). By
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