Health Insurance, Behavioral Health, And Interpersonal Relations

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Health Disparities in the American Indian/ Alaskan Native Community Persist in the form of Health Care Access and Quality
When the colonists “sailed the ocean blue” to the New World, their trip inevitably had encounters with the Native Americans. The history of encounters between American Indians and White Americans has formed a culture where their race is euphemized through Halloween costumes or sports names such as the Washington Redskins. The public’s view of diversity is skewed so that different races, including Native Americans, are given less opportunities than their White American counterparts. This is notably exhibited in their health as Native Americans are have a lower quality and less access to health care. In fact, American Indian and Alaskan Natives (AIAN) have reported more adverse health outcomes than any other racial and ethnic groups in the United States (Ross, Garfield, Brown, & Raghavan, 2015, p. 1081). This essay will examine how geography, health insurance, behavioral health, and interpersonal relations affects how Native Americans get health care or how the care is hindered and how the Affordable Care Act helps mitigate the problem of inequality.
Access to Care In recent years, the government has made an honest effort in trying to reduce the barriers to health care access for the AIAN population. One agency that has been integral in this is the Indian Health Service (IHS), a federal agency under the Department of
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