Health Insurance Exchange Essay

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Identify a government policy decision that has influenced or will influence your field of study. The policy decision can be a federal or state agency rulemaking, legislative action, or court decision that has already been or will be implemented. Discuss one positive and one negative effect that this policy has had or will have on your field. America is about to make major changes in the country’s health care system. The goal of the Affordable Care Act is reduction of the number of uninsured individuals and health care expenses. Some call the reform unconstitutional, some fear inefficient implementation will lead to the opposite of the anticipated health care cost reduction. According to Kaiser Health Tracking Poll 29% of Americans…show more content…
Increased hospital profit margins. Several factors will contribute to possible revenue increases. According to Hewitt Associates, a consulting company, health care cost increases could be reduced by 15% to 20% by 2019, when the reform is fully implemented (See Agency Group, 2009). Under new law insurance companies will partner with providers and directly negotiate services and prices. Elimination of a middleman will reduce insurance company bureaucracy and will let providers concentrate on patient care. Less paperwork could contribute to service cost reduction. Mandatory health insurance will raise the number of insured people, increasing the demand for health care services. Hospitals will have a high influx of new patients who previously could not afford care. Hospital revenue could highly benefit from this. An example from Massachusetts shows that preventive care will profit the most. (Kolstad & Kowalski, 2012) With substantially changed health insurance marketplace new health coverage standards will be implemented (Gabble et al., 2011). The new law will mandate providers to focus on patient safety and quality of care. Hospitals will be required to provide public reports on: efficiency of services provided, acute and chronic case management, readmission rates, medical errors, etc. Providers who offer excellent care will be rewarded, again causing increasing income. The transparency will allow payers to search for the most effective
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