Health Insurance Profitability Act (HIPAA)

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The Health Insurance Profitability and Accountability Act approved in the year 1996. HIPAA covers health coverage for the employees and their families. This law mainly focuses on the privacy of the customers. It focuses on the person data not to be disclosed to each other. If any insurance company provides insurance to the customer the data need to be updated to HIPAA. The information includes the health records of the person, doctor’s information and all the medical history. The main aim of the HIPAA is to secure the privacy of the patient. It also provides the portability and renewability of the health insurance. Violating the HIPAA leads to the enforcement actions from settlements to fines.
HIPAA prohibits the discrimination against the
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Technical Safeguards: They control the access to the computer systems and safeguards the electronically transmitted PHI information when transmitting over the network.

1) What are the key concepts contained in the law / regulation?
This law mainly focuses on the protecting the health information of the people (PHI). The PHI can be a hard copy or scan copy needs to be protected and safe guarded from accessing the unauthorized people. They monitor the access to the equipment containing the health information. In case of any disaster they are responsible for backing up the data and the recovery procedures so that they make sure there is no data loss. Also they protect the person from the discrimination in enrollment and having high premium charges over others.
2) How does it impact on organization and its IT infrastructure?
The whole data from the insurance providers, doctor’s data, patient’s history need to be maintained in a secure manner. The access permissions are given by the team to certain level of people where as if there are any changes in the structure of the permissions only the IT team are responsible in changing the permissions for accessing the PHI records. Likewise, the confidentiality of data is also taken care by the
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