Health Insurance and the Need for Reform Essay

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Insurance is a mess of mazes that leads to one outcome: one only reaps what one sows. The sowing involves lifetimes of work; hours tick away, and workers clock-in and clock-out. Near the big golden moment of retirement, some stress about their comfort in old age. It is the dream of many to find a pillow after slaving away, but for some, it is a time of discernment. Those who did not work need a cushion just as well. Maybe their children, grown and employed, could return the care they once received.

Insurance is as ancient as Babylon. The first policy dates back to 2100 B.C.; specifically, it is the Code of Hammurabi. A loan from a trader made certain his valuable cargo traveled safe from the harm of thieves or storms (Marples). The
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The company can then cover all members; they use the money like a shared pot in poker to pay for each insurance member’s needs. Her premium cost rises as the company’s population of members grows (Cleland).

With no dependents to claim, a city employee has $469.40 of coverage paid for by the city. The premium for an employee to insure a spouse is $938.80 under the Association of Washington Cities (AWC). The senior interviewed stated she had tapped into her Social Security through Medicare under Part B and Part D. The first calls for an approximate payment of $93 from Social Security to Medicare in order to cover procedures concerning health. The second plan covers any medications she needs. An example of a procedure was her latest CAT scan; the total costs amounted to just over $5,000. Medicare paid for 96.6% of the bill. The remainder was paid by Medigap, a plan covered by her premium (Cleland).

Since the price Social Security pays to insure a senior is $197, claiming a senior relative would be cheaper than claiming a spouse, so the city can afford it. The medications and procedures would still be covered. These particular plans of coverage have a very low bill for medications. Prices range from a maximum co-pay of $35 for brand name drugs down to just $4 for generic drugs (AWC). This would also put the Social Security check in the elder’s pocket, thus it could be spent on taxable merchandise for economic revenue. These
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