Health Is More Than One Focus Of Health

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Introduction; “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, quoted from world health organisation”. (Health and social care, serious editor Neil Moonie, Heinemann page 106). Health is more than one focus of the body; there are 4 different types of health which are physical, mental, social and emotional health. Poor health can depend on factors such as diseases, bad health condition, not having a balanced diet, mental stress or suffering from anxiety. There is a positive, negative and a holistic definition of health. The holistic describe the PIES.

The positive definition:
The positive definition is when people talk about health and have in mind an active type of person. Being healthy is an ongoing effort to try and stay physically, mentally and socially well. An example of a person who stays physically healthy would be someone who takes care of their health and does regular exercise in able to stay fit and active. The 'positive definition ' is used when people look at someone who has recently for example; taken up a sport and says: 'You look very healthy '. People who have a positive view on health would feel confident and know the importance of a healthy lifestyle. For example: their choice of food, they will be careful with what they eat and try to eat and do regular exercise to maintain their healthy lifestyle. They will feel responsible for their health. (AQA AS health and Social book).…
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