Health Is Something That You Can Not Buy So People Needs

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Health is something that you can not buy so people needs to take care of it. Staying healthy should be a priority for everybody that want to live a long happy life without any sicknesses. Living a healthy lifestyle is not easy and requires a lot of work. These days people are working long hours and are extremely busy. They do not have time to eat properly and stay active. Employees spend about a quarter of their time at the office, in which they should consume at least two snacks and lunch. Since the beginning of the year, I am personally trying to live the healthy lifestyle so this topic is close to my heart. My employer offered to pay for my yoga classes which I am so grateful for. This has really changed my life, improved my health,…show more content…
In the article, there are six options what company can do to help their employees to stay healthy and at the same time cut their costs. The first one is to “provide plenty of nutritious options in cafeterias and vending machines. And because healthy foods often cost more, employers can subsidize the purchase of them.” I think that this is a great idea. All the cafeterias and vending machines should have healthy options. I would personally get rid of all the unhealthy, processed and sugar loaded items but this would be unfair for people that like foods and snacks like that. For example, some people like chips and soda and everybody has a right to eat what they want so this needs to be included in the vending machines so everybody can buy what they like. I think that Cafeterias should provide a healthy and balanced meal, ideally made with organic and grass-fed meats and dairy ingredients. This would cost more but I like the idea that employee could subsidize the purchase of these meals. Again this could be discriminating against the people that buy unhealthy options which could create tensions and conflict between employees and subsidize will cost the company a lot of money. I think the best way to include this option would offer healthy foods and snacks so everybody can make their choice. I do not think that company should subsidize the purchase of healthy food because that

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