Health Is The State Of Being Without Illness Or Injury

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Why is health important? Health is the state of being without illness or injury. To remain healthy, we should eat right, exercise, and keep clean. We should eat fruits and vegetables, play sports, and take showers/baths every other day. Being healthy is important and there are lots of job opportunities that deal with health such as a pediatrician. There is also personal health. Personal health is keeping yourself clean. Like brushing your teeth and taking a shower. All of these are great qualities!

Health is important because we need to be able to participate in daily life. No one wants to be sick all the time. There are endless reasons why health is important. Good nutrition is an important part of being healthy. We need to avoid sugar and eat fruits and vegetables. Our food choices affect today, tomorrow, and the future. Unhealthy eating habits have led to the obesity. Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Eating nutritious foods can reduce your risk of chronic disease and promote your overall health. Nutrition is important to everyone’s health but especially children. It has an effect on their growth and development even into adulthood. The right balance of foods makes a solid foundation for brain activity and less health problems later in life. Proper nutrition means a better quality of life. People with good health enjoy life more and are able to fight off colds and other illnesses thru a healthy diet. Foods and snacks that taste good…
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