Health Issue : Diabetes Mellitus

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Health Issue: Diabetes mellitus (diabetes) has been positioned among the main sources of death for a considerable length of time. Current reports express the overwhelming rate of subjects living with diabetes in the United States, starting in 2012, was around 29.1 million (CDC, 2014). In addition, the incidence rate shows an estimated 1.5 million new instances of diagnosed diabetes are recorded in the U.S. each year (CDC, 2012). The incidence rate of diabetes in Texas among adults aged 18-76 years, accounted for close to 132,000 new instances that same year (CDC, Texas -total number (in thousands) of new cases of diagnosed Diabetes 1996-2010). Furthermore, in Texas, the prevalence rate of diabetes was around 1.7 million starting in 2010 …show more content…

Health Behavior: Confirmation has uncovered physical activity/ exercise diminishes the risk of the advancement of diabetes by 58% (ADA, 2006). This rate was reported in regards to the decrease of Type 2 diabetes with 150 minutes per week of moderate aerobic physical activity, yet it did not compare the quantitative proof as to those with Type 1 Diabetes (ADA, 2006). After further research on the diminishment of Type 2 Diabetes, 58% reduction stayed a steady figure under the same limitations (Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group, 2002). In the occasion that American Indians/ Alaskan Natives were not previously diagnosed with diabetes, physical activity/ exercise would be considered an essential level of prevention in light of the fact that dynamic development would be completed with aims of abstaining from turning into a diabetic.

Name of Model: The Transtheoretical Model (TTM) is an intrapersonal level model that takes into account the thought that behavior change is a process that occurs in developmental stages. This model is composed of four constructs: Stages of Change, Processes of Change, Balance of Pros and Cons, and Self- Efficacy; however, these only scratch the surface of a much deeper theory. The individual constructs help move the subject’s well being from unhealthy to healthy as long as he or she is properly transitioning through the appropriate stages. The Five Stages

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