Health Issue That Is Affected By A Social Condition

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Health Issue That Is Affected By a Social Condition HIV/AIDS is a health issue that has affected the lives of 35 million individuals globally and has continued to spread due to social conditions which surround us. Risky behaviors such as men having sex with men, large number of homeless population, large number of African American men incarcerated, and injection of drugs also attribute to the large number cases of HIV/AIDS.
Theoretical model Being one of the oldest theories the Health Belief Model was designed in order to provide an explanation of why individuals did or did not utilize public health departments services designed for preventative measures. The six constructs that make up the Health Belief Model are perceived susceptibility, perceived severity, perceived benefits, and perceived barriers, cues to action, and self –efficacy.
Description of the Theoretical Model Healthier lifestyle choices will only be adopted when the personal risk and behaviors that one is participating in is perceived as a risk. The greater the perception is of acquiring HIV the likelihood that more behaviors may change like an increase in condom usage and decrease the amount of sexual partners. Although perception of susceptibility is high not all high risk groups adopt behaviors that will decrease their chances of acquiring a HIV. Perception of severity emphasizes on how one perceives acquiring a certain disease or illness would affect their life. Individuals who have other

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