Health Issues And Its Effects On The Wellbeing Of An Individual

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Each person faces some type of health issue at some point in their life. As humans, we all find ourselves in unfavorable positions that require medical intervention; rather major or minor. A health issue can be defined simply as any circumstance or condition that has a negative impact on the wellbeing of an individual. Health issues can stem from one not taking care of themselves, genetics, or harm perpetuated from an external factor / environment. There are currently numerous studies being conducted worldwide about various diseases. Settings for such research ranges from agencies and organizations to undergraduate and graduate universities. The concept of what it means to be healthy has undergone many changes throughout…show more content…
The name of the agency that specializes in overseeing public health for Romania is the Ministry of Health of Romania. There is no perfect system. Although the access to care is listed in Romania’s constitution is important to note that fees are included. In some cases, people cannot pay these fees, leading to lack of the care they need. Leading health issues that affect Romania include but aren’t limited to heart disease, cancer, and poisoning. Romania’s public health system has existed in the country since the late 1600s.Before hospitals, people in need of medical assistance would obtain help from nonprofit sectors. This included charities organizations such as shelters and religious groups. The Romanian chapter of the Red Cross was established in the summer of 1876. The founding of this organization was heavily influenced by Romania’s involvement with the First Geneva Convention; a treaty established to enforce protection of those wounded or killed in battle. Romania’s Red Cross is based in Bucharest’s Coltea Hospital. Coltea is one of several hospitals that have been built since this time. In 2011, government officials of Romania began to propose “privatization” when it comes to healthcare for individuals. Privatization of healthcare is described as the shift from pubic medical services to the enforcement of using private sectors of care. Despite not materializing, there has many
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