Health Issues Of Diabetes Australia

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Since the establishment, Diabetes Australia has been doing a respectable job in providing information and resources to the people affected by diabetes in Australia. The organization has seen great success in providing support to the community affected by diabetes, and is keen to create more awareness and support to a wider audience base especially to community who are unaware about diabetes as a major health issue that impact on their lifestyles. 1.2.1 Strengths Diabetes Australia has been able to build an influential impact among the Australian community who are affected by the Diabetes i.e. the Evangelists (10-20%) and deliver support by providing fund among this audience in the possible ways to prevent, manage and cure this issue. It…show more content…
The reason of the success of the organization is also due to the presence of the social media Facebook and its personalized App to provide support at one’s fingertips. With the above approaches, Diabetes Australia has been able to achieve the brand personality of being compassionate and authoritative. It has also gained a strong commitment because of the useful informative sessions provided by the organization to those who are affected by diabetes. 1.2.2 Weaknesses The organization has been able to connect to the audience affected by this cause with the bottom up approach of marketing but has not been able to reach the 80% of Australians who are prone to be affected by this health issue. It has not been able to reach the voluminous target of ambivalent (80% of Australian community). The strategy has not been successful to deliver sustainable, attitudinal and behavioral change amongst the chosen demographic, which restricts the organization from achieving the description of bold as their brand personality. 1.2.3 Opportunities The Social media presence of the organization is pretty good. It has been able to attract the audience with their Facebook pages as well as the personalized App. This
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