Health Issues Of Health Informatics

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Health Informatics has been around for ages, but over the pass ten plus years the profession has increased with higher demand. Health informatics is one of the nation’s largest growth industries. Health informatics have grown as a discipline with specialization in areas within the health profession. This field of study incorporates procedure, theories and concepts from computer information science. As the medical profession increases, so do the health data security and privacy has become a major growing concern. The main concern is protecting the privacy of medical patient information. Over the past few years there have been numerous medical information breaches, either by hackers or employees. Meanwhile, companies are being faced with…show more content…
Informatics was really established a year later by a Germany professional organization named Gustav Wager. As 1960 came around College University’s departments began specializing in programs dealing with informatics learning and training. Informatics can be obtained by education either Bachelor’s, Master’s or Certificate degree. Meanwhile, security has become the major concern within the medical field all together. President Barack Obama has offered $27 billion of government funds with the intend to make, information, technology and electronic health record the top goal, according to pdf file Developing a Health Informatics Security and Privacy Program. The US Department of Labor feels there will be a 49% growth in health informatics and health information. The article even talks about the need of 70,000 of health informatics specialists. By the year 2018 the employee for both medical records and health information personnel will increase to more than 20%. Surprisingly, the cost has grown rapidly and is expected to reach $40 million in 2012 according to the article Healthcare Data Security Cost, by City. With the high cost of security by 2015 spending will increase to $70 billion; meanwhile, most of the investment will be more focus towards electronic healthcare systems, mobile health applications and new government standards. This article also states a few cities that have security cost
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