Health Issues Of Health Of Women And Infants Essay

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“When a child is born the mother is also born again,” as rightfully quoted by Gilbert Parker. Childbirth is one of the greatest privileges on the earth anyone could have and we, as women, should feel proud to be major contributors for it. A mother plays a key role in aiding healthcare workers to mitigate the health crisis associated with childbirth by performing her duties faithfully. One such associated health crisis is “Premature (preterm) birth” which occurs when the baby is born too early, before 37 weeks of gestational period(CDC,2015). It is an important public health priority in terms of health of women and infants.
Extent of this public health problem: Every year an estimated 15 million pretaerm babies are born and this number is still rising.(WHO,2015).In 2014, 1 of every 10 babies born in United States were premature and black infants were 50% more likely to be born premature than white, Hispanic and Asian/Pacific islander infants(CDC,2015). Almost 1 million children die each year due to complications of premature birth(WHO,2015). A major challenge in decreasing the rate of preterm birth is lack of knowledge about the etiologies and effective strategies for prevention. In order to create awareness and mollify premature birth, a community based outreach program based on Transtheoretical Model is proposed to strategically prevent premature birth among high risk population of African American women.
Priority population:
Premature birth is a major
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