Health Issues Of The Medical Field

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Over recent years, people are faced with different health related issues regardless of the advancement in the medical field (Kronenfeld, 2008). In this scenario, Molly is an 82 years old lady, who has developed health problems which make her feel isolated and lonely. The following essay highlights Molly’s leg ulcer, primary health care, wellness, health professionals and how these have been used to create a learning program for Molly. It also describes the pathophysiology of diabetes, Type II Diabetes and resources/ support services for the client’s spouse who is experiencing grief after the client died.
Lunnay & McIntyre (2014) describes Primary Health Care (PHC) as the first level of contact for the majority of individuals when accessing the national health care, which is based on scientifically and socially acceptable methods. The main concept of PHC is to bring equitable, accessible and affordable, and high quality health care closer to the homes and workplaces (Lunnay & McIntyre, 2014).
PHC should be geographically accessible to Molly because she has to go to the local doctor three times a week and every time she has to catch the taxi because she is old and cannot walk. Instead, a nurse should visit her to provide healthcare. She does not have to pay to the doctor because she is on pension and have Medicare. Accessing doctor online on computer would be easy for Molly, instead of catching taxi to go to the doctor. Molly needs to be involved in decision-making based on…
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