Health Issues Of The Medical Field

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Over recent years, people are faced with different health related issues regardless of the advancement in the medical field (Kronenfeld, 2008). In this scenario, Molly is an 82 years old lady, who has developed health problems which make her feel isolated and lonely. The following essay highlights Molly’s leg ulcer, primary health care, wellness, health professionals and how these have been used to create a learning program for Molly. It also describes the pathophysiology of diabetes, Type II Diabetes and resources/ support services for the client’s spouse who is experiencing grief after the client died. Lunnay & McIntyre (2014) describes Primary Health Care (PHC) as the first level of contact for the majority of individuals when accessing…show more content…
It is the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits that will enhance well-being while decreasing the risk of disease. The six principles of wellness are social, emotional, spiritual, occupational, intellectual wellness (Smith, Tang & Nutbeam, 2006). The two principles of wellness are physical wellness and social wellness. Physical wellness means ability to recognize the benefits of physical activities and adopting healthy habits such as routine check-ups of vital signs, a balanced diet and exercise while avoiding the use of tobacco, drugs and excessive use of alcohol. (Floyd, Mimms & Yelding 2008). Second, social wellness is characterized by the ability of an individual to connect with other people in the world and become aware of their importance in the society as well as take an active part in improving our surrounding by encouraging healthier living and build a better living space in the community (Hettler, 1976). Physical and social principle of wellness should be promoted for Molly. Firstly, maximising her own ability to increase her independence and confidence by engaging into daily routine activities. Secondly, teaching her how to do exercise and adjusting her balanced diet by following the advice of the health professional in order to cure the pressure ulcer. Thirdly, providing social supports to get
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