Health Issues Of The Public Health Field

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It is a matter of fact that women in the past and the recent present have had many public health issues that were hard on them, and they had to deal with these problems more than men did. However, they have overcome some of these issues, but there are still issues in the public health’s area women are still dealing with. Unfortunately, women’s issues were only mentioned if they had to do with maternity care only, and rather than that they were ignored. Anything beyond maternity care was not on the spot for women, and that had them to go through a rough patch. In our class we had different reading examples that showed the meaning of this one-sided thinking from society back in the days. Also, one of these reading examples was talking about how we should go beyond this issue. Healthcare provider in the public health field or other are obligated to help people regardless their gender. Neither women nor men ought to be treated differently because of their physical or biological anatomy; and they should be treated equally rather than restricting them in one category. Sadly, most of the issues that are concerned in the public health fields about women are related on their abilities to be good human reproducers, and they focus on them most of the time. For example, an article, which was written by Marcia Inhorn in title of “Defining Women’s Health: A Dozen Massages from More Than 150 Ethnographies” remarks this issue. She mentions, “The medical and public health fields devoted to
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