Health Issues Of The United States

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The United States has encountered numerous problems throughout its history. An ongoing problem that has affected millions of Americans is poor health. Poor health can be defined as two things: unstable mental state or unstable physical state. The United States of America has experienced both of these characteristics with its citizens. Americans have been hit hard with these health issues for decades. America is one of the unhealthiest countries in the world and many people do not understand why. There is a strong correlation between mental health and physical health. One health issue can lead to another, which in-turn, makes people feel as if they are trapped in a horrific cycle of living in poor conditions. This causes people to feel insecure about themselves emotionally and physically, creating disgust in themselves. One of the most challenging objectives for individuals is engaging in physical activity. This is the reason why health is an issue in America. Individuals who lack physical health can eventually lead to depression and other psychological issues and vice versa.
A common condition that indicates if someone is unhealthy is obesity. Obesity is the state of being highly overweight. More than half of the adults in the United States struggle with obesity every day of their lives. Obesity is influenced by multiple factors such as physiological, environmental, behavioral, and genetics. The primary cause of obesity is from the intake of large quantities of fatty foods.
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