Health Issues That Affect The Sleepers ' Dreams At Night

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because they are vivid, and include detailed features. People tend to remember nightmares more than regular dreams throughout the day because of that. Some studies have shown that humans who are more sensitive, creative, or imaginative are more prone to having nightmares ("Psychology Today"). It may be because they are more in tune with their surroundings, which causes them to have more nightmares than usual. Another thing that might cause the sleeper to have nightmares is the food they eat before bed “That extra food means that your body is going to boost its metabolism and temperature which leads to more brain activity during REM sleep. More brain activity during REM sleep means more dreams” (Restonic). If the sleeper goes to bed with a…show more content…
When a person dreams more than they usually do out of the blue, the roots of the symptom could be brought on by hormonal changes, chronic pains or getting too hot or cold at night. When a person feels too hot or cold in during their sleep, it can cause them to dream too much and the dreams are easily remembered once the sleeper has been woken up. Hormonal changes or pain during a woman 's menstruation and other times when experiencing chronic pain can also cause dreaming more than usual. If person tends to wake up in between the sleep in the night this means that they will remember the dream once they wake up, unlike those who do not wake up during the night. They are going to most likely forget their dreams in the morning when they awake. Oscroft added, “ few sleepless nights or nights with very little sleep would also result in a night full of vivid dreams” (Kaur). Therefore the very few hours the sleeper gets to sleep during the night they are most likely to have very vivid dreams. Another health issue which is linked to sleeping is, Sleep Apnea. This health disorder presents as interrupted breathing while the sleeper is at rest. It usually happens when fat builds up or when muscle tone is lost with
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