Health Law, Regulation, and Policy

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Health Law, Regulations, and Policy Paper
Michelle Hobbs
June 13, 2016
Qiana Amos

Health Law, Regulation, and Policy Paper Today’s health care industry is more than just providing medical services to individuals in need; it encompasses various laws, regulations, and policies that direct how care should be provided and what the ramifications of non-compliance will have on the health care provider and the organizations where services are rendered. There are various kinds of laws, regulations, and policies that affect the health care industry. Some may believe that laws, regulations, and policies all have the same requirements, benefits, and implications, but there are differences between the three and the impact they have on
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Institutional versus Legislative Policies in Health Care Merriam-Webster’s dictionary online defines an institution as “a place where an organization takes care of people for a usually long period of time” (n.d.). Thus, an institutional policy is a set of standards established by the institution that governs the practices and procedures of the organization as it relates to its operations. Legislative policies in health care are developed in the Legislative Branch of the Federal Government. It is mandatory for all health care organizations to adhere to legislative policies; however, many institutional policies have a basis of development within the legislative policies to ensure compliance for their organization. While legislative policies are broad in nature to encompass various specialty areas in the health care industry, institutional policies are more specific to the institutions goals and services provided within the community.
Influence of Politics on Health Care Regulations, Laws, and Policies According to Bambra, Fox, and Scott-Samuel (2005), the health of every individual is affected by environmental factors such as employment, income, and housing. Rules and regulations regarding environmental factors have typically required governmental intervention to ensure that each factor is approached fairly; without the negative
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