Health Literacy Course Analysis

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My definition of health literacy has greatly changed during this course. Looking back upon my first post, I realize that I knew little of health literacy. After this class, I have realized that most adults have low health literacy levels and require instructions in simple form to obtain a clear understanding of the health materials. Health literacy is more complex than I had originally thought and it is challenging to modify the educational materials for the specific target audience. Strategic planning is necessary to ensure adequate learning for the special needs of the audience. I have learned that one must assess the audience’s psychological, social, developmental, and cultural influences prior to developing the educational material.
My approach to teaching has changed dramatically. Rather than focusing on the material, the focus is on the presentation of the material to ensure that the audience understands the message completely. In the beginning of developing the health message material, I
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The first weakness includes the ability to control the learning environment during the role play section of the presentation. The second weakness identified is comprehending the actual meaning behind the gestures, behaviors, and responses of the teenagers in my target audience for effectively evaluating the learning during the presentation. A method that will assist with controlling the environment during role play is to encourage participation and personalize the learning process while projecting authority (Miller & Stockel, 2016). A method to understand teenagers is a complex concept that requires extensive research; however, by establishing a trusting nurse-client relationship, communication will improve (Miller & Stockel, 2016). With effective communication, evaluating the effectiveness of learning during the presentation becomes
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