Health Literacy Is Considered A Motivating Factor Behind Wellness And The Absence Of Disease

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Health Literacy resides beneath the umbrella of social determinants; aptitude in this form of literacy is a determinant of wellbeing, and influences vulnerabilities and capacities towards disease formation and prevention (Reading & Wien, 2009). Health literacy is considered a motivating factor behind wellness and the absence of disease but also for appropriate management with regard to chronic disease with maximisation of outcomes directly attributing to health literacy capacity. Historically, health literacy had a subservient role in patient care, regardless of health consumer capacity and possessed an approach that lacked partnership, capacity building and thus empowerment. The significance of the relatively new and
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A prerequisite foundation of literacy is deemed necessary in utilising an educational form of ‘scaffolding’ to establish and build capacity in health literacy.


Question: What is literacy/health literacy

Literacy can be recognised as the capability of reading, writing and comprehension of language and can be defined as a ‘social view of language that considers how language works to construct meaning in different social and cultural contexts’ (Australian CURRICULUM, 2013). Health literacy is not disconnected from literacy, but differs in its specificity regarding health. The varying forms of literacy are as necessity for building health literacy and as such can be identified as a sub-group of literacy, which necessitates four domains of inclusive of fundamental, scientific, community and cultural (Vass, Mitchell, & Dhurrkay, 2011). Health literacy has varying definitions, however, can be defined as ‘the degree in which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions. (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, 2010). Health literacy proficiency may necessitate or dictate how well an individual might navigate the healthcare for appropriate services, independently read and comprehend medication labels and health related terminologies, as well as understand language conveyed from nurses and other health care

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