Health Needs Assessment Essay

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Public health has the interests of the public at its core. According to the Department of Health (DoH) (2012) Public health is concerned with prevention and therefore encourages people to ‘stay healthy’ and ‘avoid getting ill’. Health visitors work at the heart of the family to have a positive impact on the future of the child by preventing diseases and identifying any health or social problems early (Carter, 2011) A Heath Visitor offers a service available to all families that primarily delivers ‘the core offer’ (DoH, 2011). This incorporates ‘the healthy child programme’ (DoH, 2009) promoting public health by ensuring each child under 5 receives the necessary health and development checks, essential immunisations and a contactable…show more content…
To protect the confidentiality other district names have been deleted. Appendix 1 compares the concerned district with England in multiple areas of health issues. According to these statistics the locality, on average, in most health areas, is a healthier population than the rest of the country. Health concerns that are, on average a larger concern than the nation have been underlined and are, for example, a higher number of road injuries and deaths, a higher number of hip fractures in ages 65 and over and higher numbers of increasing and higher risk drinking. These may be explained by such that the life expectancy in both male and
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