Health Needs for Different Life Stages

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PHYSICAL NEEDS FOR INFANCY Infancy needs to be immunised which develop their growth without having disease. They need breast feeding which promotes health, helps to prevent diseases and reduces health care and feeding cost. Clothing also helps the baby to be warm and keep their body away from having germs. Exercise these help them to be able and from being disable. Good hygiene these help them or prevent them from having infection or disease. Baby need safety for them to be in a safe place. EMOTIONAL NEEDS FOR INFANCY Infancy need love and affection which help them to feel confident and secure. They need praise, encouragement and recognition. They also need to feel secure in other to be in a safe place. They need someone to care…show more content…
They also need education which is the main key of life and with education you can attain any ladders you set your focus on in life. Working with colleagues is not an easy task, but we all have to learn to be able to work as part of a team and most of all to be tolerance. HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE TASK 1.1 SUBMISSION DATE: 7/10/10 PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL AND SOCIAL NEEDS FOR DIFFERENT LIFE STAGES PHYSICAL NEEDS FOR ADULTHOOD An adult needs balance diet which enables them in growth and development. They also need to gain their energy back by having a good sleep {8hours per day}. They also need to be independent for them to rely on themselves. They also need to be active, so that they can show the demonstration of ability. They need immunisation which helps them to fight against diseases. Body changes shows them that they are now an adults and in puberty stage. EMOTIONAL NEEDS FOR ADULTHOOD Adults can be moody when a thing does not go on their own ways as expected. They also reacts to different types of things. They need financial securities for them to be able to fit in. They need to be Polite, Confidence and to be Positive. They need to be in a very good appearance which helps them to maintain their images. They also have likable character in which there and families are eager to see them. SOCIAL NEEDS FOR ADULTHOOD An adults need to be creative to make things on their own way. They need to be tolerance for them to be
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