Health, Nutrition, And Safety

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I have selected the age group of 5 to 8 because these are the years that children absorb everything around them both good and bad. This unit looks at the environments that can help children achieve healthy skills and good choice development providing them with the thirst for knowledge. The process of helping children to have positive indoor and outdoor learning environments and experiences will address their safety, their nutrition, and their dependency of one another. I will also provide and identify appropriate activities and toys that will reinforce their health, nutrition and safety. This can only be accomplished through a location of space and security and healthy facility maintenance. Teachers or counselors will often learn in teaching five to eight year olds that their attention span can be lost if the environment around them does not change or provide interest for their ability in learning. Children need to know that they can achieve many skills and abilities in a safe environment whether indoors or outdoors. Successful places of learning include bright colors, different work areas, role playing and acceptance all cultures. Indoor activities would include math stations, reading stations, art, and general assembly, which breaks up routine and keeps them focused allowing the teacher to determine their ability and comprehension. Outdoor activities help to promote a general health and strength and social behavior. When children are outside, they learn how to get along,
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