Health Of A High School Student

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As a high school student before this class I found optimal health to be that if you are not in the hospital or you do not have to take pills for your health daily you are in good health. Now as a learning high school student I know on a more scholarly level that optimal health is much more than just not being sick. Having optimal health is not just your physical health, but also your emotional health, spiritual health, social health and intellectual health. To have perfect optimal health is quite difficult and most people do not have optimal health. But when you have optimal health you feel better about yourself in your physical state and also in your mental state. Having optimal health can cut down on health bills or insurance rates. You also live longer in a state of optimal health. These are some of the many benefits to having optimal health.
Most individuals have to make a lifestyle change to obtain optimal health. Craig Hospital says “Promoting optimal health in any or all of these areas may mean changing your lifestyle. Yet, choosing and sticking with healthy behaviors is tricky” ( I completely agree with this statement. Trying to change some of my behavior for this project was very hard and choosing to stick with the one behavior change was hard for me. I the end I was happy with the behavior I chose. I chose to make my behavior change on time management. This was to help in my mental
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