Health Of Achieving Health And Wellness

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Achieving health and wellness is a highly individualized, dynamic process that is characterized by six interrelated dimensions: physical, social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and environmental health. The focus of this paper is my physical health as it relates to wellness.
Furthermore, the objective of focusing on my physical health is to identify current health behaviors and factors that may be impacting and prohibiting me from achieving optimal physical health. Using the Transtheoretical Model for Stages of Change1 as a guide, I will identify a specific health behavior I am seeking to improve, and outline an action plan to achieve and maintain good physical health.
In assessing my health behaviors, I have identified three specific behaviors that have negatively impacted my physical health: lack of physical activity, poor nutrition and inadequate sleep. The factors that I attribute to these current heath behaviors are: a lack of social support and guidance, the nutritional value of foods consumed (as related to the culture in which I was raised), and time management.
I attribute my lack of physical activity to an absence of social support and guidance in my life. For example, my mother suffers with cardiovascular disease (CVD), yet rarely engages in physical activity. Five years ago, my mother had a heart attack, and underwent an angioplasty2 in order to receive a stent3. In accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
(CDC) (2015), the American
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