Health Of Children From Refugee Backgrounds

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Introduction There are various factors to influence health of children from Refugee backgrounds in Australia and among those factors, culture background and language barriers are significant aspects. In this literature review, the definition for child is refers to those at the age before adolescence and after infancy. Literature review could help cast light on the researches and findings in a certain area and furthermore to lay a foundation for further research and discussion. This literature review focuses on culture background and language barriers to health care, in order to facilitate the research topic of the project group: Health of Children from Refugee Backgrounds in Australia. Firstly, it carries out literatures and findings on…show more content…
Colucci et al. (2014) discussed the utilisation of mental health services by children and young people from a refugee background, via a literature review. The study started by identifying the condition that people from refugee backgrounds are always in vulnerable position to develop mental health problems, and suicide, compare with local residents, considering that they have to go through some pre-migrating events to get involved to the new environment. For children, this could be even more serious, considering that children seem to have lower adaptability compare with the adults, and they are more likely to generate mental health issues in the new environment. The research suggested that the reported mental health issues for the youngsters are lower than expected. The research summarized services provided to the refugee background workers and children, and also tried to identify some important factors that could contribute to provide mental health services to the refugee workers and children. Findings from the research suggested that more researches are urged, as there are still limited evidences to support settlements toward introducing policies and programs for refugee children and young people. However, there are limitations regarding the research, considering that it had not yet provide quantitative research methods or empirical evidences to support the arguments, and it had not identify factors beyond cultural difference that could influence the receive
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