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The paper discusses health and wellness as related to activities, the scopes of health and wellness, the factors that influence health and wellness in relation to sport, and how to acquire health and wellness and its importance. So I learned in this health class is about eating healthy and eating nutrition food like chicken and white rice great organic food ect .For example Heath and wellness are key components in my life. To me, so I m talk about me first then my family and so no health issues such as, illness, sickness or injury. Wellness is a synonym of health, however I would define it as living a happy, healthy lifestyle with little or no health issues. I feel the importance of health should be included in everyone daily lives.…show more content…
To improve his diabetes he had to cut calories and eat mini meals and get a lot of support from my family so now 3 years later he doing ok he doesn’t have cholesterol any more or diabetes so he 47 years old he won healthy dad . No my dad didn’t smoke or had cancer or a stroke . My mom well she only had high cholesterol she was 42 years old when she had she didn’t had any illness she only had high cholesterol only my mom and dad had it and my grandma and grandpa well my mom in order to improve her high cholesterol and lose it well she did exercise like 5 days a week and she will be eating healthy food she had to eliminate her trans fat and just eat organic food she would go to the doctor and check her self always her high cholesterol now doing good she 48 years old she living one healthy life now my mom is blood related with my grandpa and grandma mostly everyone in my mom side . So we have a big family so my anuts are really blood related so my ant never was sick and never had any sickness or nothing she ok my dad side everyone was good and healthy nobody nobody was never sick at all well in my mom only my ant and uncle had high cholesterol her name was Yolanda and adam they never had cancer or

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