Health Of Health Information Technology

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Health Informatics, or otherwise known as Health Information Technology, is the processing of information that involves both computer hardware and software that can store, retrieve and share healthcare information. Health Informatics uses methods of understanding and analyzing patient data to improve knowledge of healthcare decisions, problem-solving and patient care plans. Health Informatics is a fairly new technology but is continuously developing at a rapid pace globally. The goals of Health Informatics is to improve patient care, protect privacy, provide security, reduce medical errors, organize information, improve data exchange and provide standard data between healthcare facilities and workers.
The history of Health Informatics is not very extensive considering in only began in the 1960’s but interest in the field increased dramatically in the 1980’s and continues to rapidly grow and develop in our modern times. In the 1950’s computers were being developed and brought to public attention but people were not thrilled about the idea of a machine that could potentially take their place of work by completing their jobs for them.
By the 1960’s a variety of second generation computers were available to businesses, universities and the government. At this point in the early 1960’s patient care applications began to be included in select health care institutes computer systems. By the mid 1960’s computers were gaining more recognition and in 1965 Congress amended the Social…
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